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@programm.r FAQ: “Was it worth the efforts to get to where you are today?” • Long Answer: Every morning I wake up, without an alarm, at any time I want. I do an hour of yoga, stretching, and recovery/massage at home. I take a relaxing bath and spend a great deal of time grooming- like brushing my hair. Before leaving for work, I throw on comfy clothes, a hat, and a sweatshirt (and of course apply my red lipstick). I walk to work. I get in at whatever time I want. My team is a perfect fit for me and the work I’m doing is exactly what I aspired to do- purely backend software engineering. We even have a private suite which is convenient for babysitting dogs or laughing hysterically without disturbing non-teammates. I pet coworkers’ dogs every day. I eat incredible food prepared by chefs- 3 meals most workdays and unlimited snacks! I take breaks throughout the day to play video games in the arcade or to grab coffee with friends. To sum it up, I’m living a happy, low stress life. I’m no longer bound by hard deadlines. I’m getting a full night’s sleep nearly every night and exercising every day. I’m working in NYC and living close enough to walk to work. I’m working for a company that I admire and on my favorite app- Maps. I’m living the life I dreamed of living. • Short Answer: Yes, it was worth it. • 📸 by @taniahauyon
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4 months ago