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@lillyseay_ Tell me if you think this is you👇🏼 • - You've had a great app idea sitting in the back of your mind for a while. • Once people knew I was in app development, everyone started telling me about their app ideas. I think a majority of people have app ideas, but how many are actually brought into existence? • My number ONE reason for learning app development was to bring my ideas to life. The best feeling in the world is to take what was once a thought and turn into something you can use! • I encourage you to bring your ideas to life, even if it's hard, sloppy, not perfect, or not fully completed. Don't put your ideas on the back-burner, as every idea that you execute has the opportunity to change your life completely. • So, do you have an app idea? ______ 🔔NEWS! 💻 Want to learn app development, without a huge time commitment? Link in bio to try our 7 day coding challenges! 🎉 Giveaway winner is @caracodes! Congrats on your new earbuds girly!
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