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@prattprattpratt Like the sneaky lil paparazzi I am... I caught our Kune-Kune pigs, Tim and Faith, out on a lunch date and couldn’t help but get up in their grits. They’re just like us! Faith wore a chic black and white pork leather body chap with matching heel and Tim looked GLAM-AF rocking a custom brindle one piece hair suit with cloven hoof boot. The couple stayed under the radar at a #farmlife hotspot slurping chocolate milk and hazelnut oat surprise. #Couplegoals Witnesses heard Faith whispering the lyrics to “I need you” over desert as things got hot and heavy. #flirty “I wanna get lost in some corner booth. Cantina in Mexico. I wanna dance to the static of an AM radio. I wanna wrap the moon around us. Lay beside you skin on skin. Make love til the sun comes up. Til the sun goes down again.” OMG #Slay As a fan of the power couple, I cried for an hour straight curled up in a ball and LITERALLY died. And then my farmers Angie and Phil found me and asked “what the hell’s the matter with you?” #IDONTKNOW #farmlife #stillwater #STILLWATERRANCH
#farmlife #Couplegoals #flirty #Slay #IDONTKNOW #farmlife #stillwater #STILLWATERRANCH
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